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Your cup of pause is

Customised for the bold explorer

OLDTOWN™ Black Series Enrich

You’re never the type to watch the same movie twice. Because you’re an explorer and your life’s your best adventure. Even your coffee breaks are creatively different every time! Sometimes you like it classic and other times, you may just jazz it up with a scoop of ice-cream.
Goes extra well with extra boss vibes.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 3-in-1 Extra Rich

The boss vibe in you is strong. You like pushing limits and making your mark, because you know that there’s more to life than what you see, when you go the extra mile! That’s why you need a coffee break that’s as bold as you are - made with coffee beans that are roasted at extra kaw temperatures, giving you that extra oomph to go with that extra rich taste!
Classically crafted for the real deals.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 3-in-1 Classic

You have no filter, in a good way. You’re always being yourself and speaking your mind. You’re genuine, sincere and honest. That’s probably why people feel so comfortable with being themselves around you. The perfect coffee break for someone authentic like you, has got to be the real deal. Made with a blend of premium beans, every pack is traditionally roasted to give you that creamy, smooth and original flavour that’s as rich as its heritage.
For those who are a little nutty too.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 3-in-1 Hazelnut

Fun would be your middle name, if you had a middle name lah. You’re a ball of happiness that people just can’t get enough of! Your super positive energy can only be matched with a coffee break that’s deliciously flavoured with hazelnut. It’s basically as delightful, sweet and nutty as you are.
Naturally sweet, like you lah!

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 3-in-1 Natural Cane Sugar

You’re a natural when it comes to spreading positivity and joy. People look to you for comfort because you’re sweet and easy to talk to. But being a good listener can be stressful sometimes, right? So take little breaks with a coffee that’s as naturally sweet as you are.
Made for the mindful.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 3-in-1 Less Sugar

You seem to have it all figured out, simply because you have great self-control. You know when to be serious and when to have fun. As for your coffee breaks, they’re a bit like mini cheat days where you indulge, but you do it at just the right amount.
Specially brewed for closet chocoholics.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 3-in-1 Mocha

You’re an indulgent-seeker and you’re not-so-secretly in love with chocolate, even your coffee breaks need to be chocolatey. Anybody who knows you, would know that you have a packet of chocolate hidden somewhere in your desk drawer or your bag.
Perfect for people with powerful will.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ 2-in-1 Coffee & Creamer

You love a good challenge and you persevere through everything you sign up for. You’ve your mind set on the goal and you make no compromises, not even for your coffee breaks. It can only be sugar-free!
For the “I’m not a coffee person” kind of people.

OLDTOWN™ 3-in-1 White Milk Tea

You’re shy in nature and you like spending time with your thoughts. However, you’re also confident and completely comfortable with being who you are. You like to take your coffee breaks with tea instead because why not?
Well-roasted for the wise-souled.

OLDTOWN™ Nan Yang White Coffee O with Sugar Added

You’re the kind of person who simmers in thought before making decisions. You appreciate different perspectives, and know soaking in the different textures of life – is bliss. That’s why your coffee breaks need to be bittersweet-balanced and well-roasted for your wise ol’ soul.
For people who like it old school.

OLDTOWN™ Nan Yang White Coffee O Kosong

You’re into anything retro because you’re edgy like that. You don’t partake in the latest trends or use words like “lit” - what is that even? You are old school, and that’s how you want your coffee breaks to be – feeling like you’ve gone back in time and sitting in a kopitiam, in rustic Ipoh.
Made for the pleasantly unpredictable type.

OLDTOWN™ Black Series 2-in-1 Black Coffee with Sugar Added

You’re quiet in nature and it’s because you’re picky with the people you show your true colours to. You like keeping your sweet personality a surprise and only for the people you can really connect with. Same goes with your coffee breaks – black on the outside, sweet on the inside.
Roasted for the realists.

OLDTOWN™ Black Series Black Coffee

You believe in being truthful to yourself and the people around you. Although people may perceive you as straight-up and no chill, they’ll always know that your intensions are kind. As for your coffee, you like it true to its flavours – intense, well-balanced and with a note of caramel.
Packed for the super multitaskers.

OLDTOWN White Coffee™ RTD Can Drink

Your everyday is filled with social activities and errands back-to-back. And that’s okay because it satisfies you to cross out the lines from your to-do lists, one by one. YAAAS! As for your coffee breaks, they need to be delicious, chilled out and on-the-go. Who says staying still is the only way to relax?