Menu 2023

Heritage and history flow in our veins. OLDTOWN now makes legendary flavors more accessible for everyone to enjoy and here comes the new favorite – Chicken Rice Balls, White Coffee Cendol with Ice Cream, and many more for you to try.​


Kopitiam Ala Carte Menu

No one champions Malaysian food like we do. We’re passionate about how they came to be and where they are from. Most importantly, we care how it arrives on your plate. ​

Melt your worries away, take time and comfort your soul. ​

​Kopi Dulu, Makan Dulu​
Have A Sip, Eat First​
生活喜悦,咖啡优先 ​


Value Set Meals

Like any Malaysian, food is the utmost importance to us. Every meal, be it breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, or supper are moments that are familiar and close to our hearts. As such, it is our mission at OLDTOWN to ensure you get the best quality and the best flavors at the best value. ​