Coffee Heritage

Our unique process of moderately roasting at high temperature brings out the exotic aromas of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica coffee beans.

They are blended with caramel to deliver OLDTOWN White coffee distinctly delicious taste and flavor that coffee lovers savour till this day.

Our Breadwinner

OLDTOWN's array of bread offerings are made fresh from scratch in our central bakery, using high grade wheat flour and quality ingredients. Our signature brown bread and toasts are created from our very own unique generations-old-recipe for that aroma and crunch, while our steamed bread are wonderfully soft and fluffy. Have it with soft-boiled eggs or, served with kaya and butter.

Nasi Lemak Story

The story unfolds with authentic recipes, no shortcuts. To create our popular sambal, we combined a few types of fresh chillies, onions and anchovies, and cooked them to aromatic, spicy perfection. And of course, we use only choice ingredients for the perfect OLDTOWN sambal.

Our Noodles Story

Your Noodle experience at OLDTOWN is special, for a good reason. This is because we make our egg noodles fresh. No artificial coloring. Only all-natural flour and fresh eggs to make tasty springy noodles, enhanced by our own special smoked garlic oil.

OLDTOWN Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun is our undisputed bestseller. The secret lies in the full-bodied broth simmered slowly for hours with whole chicken for a deeply satisfying broth.

Dim Sum & Bites

Enjoy delectable Yum Cha treats and feel right at home with OLDTOWN's Ipoh Style Dim Sum. Our popular Cheong Fun, steamed meat and vegetable dumplings are now joined by new fried dim sum selections like Fried Jade Sesame Balls and Seafood Beancurd Rolls.