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Take a look at how OLDTOWN popularized White Coffee from  Ipoh, to the World

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Brewing an authentic white coffee

The OLDTOWN signature White Coffee recipe stays true to the authentic taste of traditional Ipoh White Coffee. ​

​The recipe uses a three-bean blend to create a distinct taste profile. Arabica beans produce sweet, nutty and aromatic notes. Robusta beans give our White Coffee a stronger body and deep, roasted taste. Liberica beans are rare and is the reason why OLDTOWN White Coffee lingers long on the palate.​

​Furthermore, OLDTOWN’s controlled degree of roasting caramelizes the beans to produce White Coffee that is exceptionally aromatic and smooth.​

Introducing the modern Kopitan concept

When the first OLDTOWN Kopitiam opened its doors in Malaysia,
it was a perfect nexus between the comforts of a modern, air-conditioned setting and the delight of authentic local fare.

The contemporary ambience made local cuisine appealing to the younger generation, creating a renewed interest in Asian flavours and ingredients. Plus of course, a reverence for food that is made with time-honoured traditions.

Today, OLDTOWN outlets also come in express formats, so you can conveniently pick-up your favourite lunch order or cup of teh or kopi!